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Tashia The Earring Designer

Hello, My Name is Tashia and I'm a jewelry designer. I have created and help many people start their online jewelry store. I have sold many earrings all around the world. If you're looking to create something new? Please join us. I would love to have you in my class.

What ladies says about my course


by Angela Marshall

Mz. Latashia must say I love this class so much I have been trying to do this for years but just couldn't get it right I have made some pieces that weren't Afrocentric but I have always loved black women. We are so beautiful in every way I just couldn't figure out which way to go so I would make some stuff then quit. I came across your class somehow I am not sure. I am sure it was God! You are so amazing you remind me of another powerful sister Joyce Mctier! Both you and Joyce have inspired me so much it's like you are my big sisters lol. I don't know I don't personally talk to her but I do watch her videos she is just like you. She is so powerful and amazing and not ashamed to share her gifts. Please don't change you know because some people start off so amazing and then they get Hollywood syndrome changing the entire direction and purpose of the course. I'm not saying you will I am just saying I love your pure heart and authentic approach. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!!


by Theresa TAYLOR

I have learned a great deal taking this course I have learned how to blend and how to resin also how to free hand to name a few this class is amazing with a dope instructor!!

Love This Class!

Kelly Pearson

Hi Latashia, I’m glad you like the earrings I have created. I have a good teacher 🙂. I figured I would create the same earring in the class first, and then try to come up with my own colors and/ or modifications. I’m really enjoying the class. I took the class because I really liked your designs and your designs and techniques are different than things I’ve seen before. Can’t wait to see what’s next. I think Taking this class will give me to push to actually start a business.

Amazing ❤

Judy Brown

I am truly enjoy this class and learning a lot. I want to create all day, but I can't! Lol. But seriously, if you want to be inspired, and take your earring game to the next level, take this class!



I purchased this course yesterday and completed it today . I've learned so much! You're an amazing ARTIST and INSTRUCTOR
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